United Athletes

UI/UX of a landing page for Ukrainian Marathon training agency.


Ukrainian marathon training agency needed to create a responsive landing page for increased business capabilities. They have had only a Facebook page & it were quite difficult to control and manage different types of services, also was impossible to made payments.


I have chosen to compare 5 companies that provide similar services. I analyzed their websites, social media & services which they provides. As a result, I created the report based on this data.


I wanted to understand the audience better. I ran an online survey using Google Docs with the goal to get in the head of the people who are interested in sport.

  • Why were they liking to run & what were the main motivators?
  • What were their main hesitations and questions when they was preparing to the marathon?
  • What were the most compelling reasons to participate in a marathons?

I created a report with the answers analysis and the priority of the importance of users needs.


After researching, I was able to create wireframes. After several wireframe versions, I came to the final solution and created a couple prototypes to test them with real users.

User Testing

Clickable prototype was validated by user-shadowing with 3 users. I’ve analyzed users comments and after that created the final prototype.


01. Colors

Primary colors for the site were taken from the company logo.


Primary colors for the site were taken from the company logo.


One of the advantages of the Agency was the opportunity to conduct training at the National Sports Complex "Olympic", also known as the Kiev Olympic Stadium. Therefore, I decided to organize a photo session with athletes there, to show future clients a training place.

04. Final result - screenshots