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Redesign information architecture & visuals for Ukrainian Education agency abroad.


Education abroad agency needed to redesign the existing site. The main problems were that the design looked outdated, the site was non-responsive, for users was difficult to find a relevant information, a poor information architecture. The primary goals of this web-site were to let people find information easily and collect visitors emails & phone numbers.


At first I made an interview with stakeholders. Than I did analysis of the website by conducting a heuristics evaluation based on Jakob Nielsen’s Usability Heuristics. After was a competitor analysis - I selected & compared 5 companies who providing similar services. As a result, I created the list of good and bad usability decisions.


I defined two targets groups. The first group was students who selected educational programs by themselves & the second one was parents who looking for programs for their children. I created a survey with a list of questions about problems encountered by users when they were looking for a programs to study abroad.


As a result of the above-mentioned activities, I was able to create a few wireframes. Than I created two clickable prototypes for testing with real users.

User Testing

Clickable prototypes were validated by user-shadowing with 4 users from a both target groups. I’ve analyzed users comments and after that created the final prototype. The final prototype also was tested. Five from six people successfully completed tasks on user testing.After that, the details were finalized I starting UI part.


I created two concepts of the first screen. In the final version with illustrations was chosen. Illustrations were taken from Humaaans: Mix-&-Match illustration library.

01. Colors
03. Final result - screenshots